When you embark on a new venture, whether its for personal or business use, you want the experience to be enjoyable and hassle free.  Most of the things I engage in are hassle free and simple.  That is why I LOVE the way Limos in Knoxville handled my recent evening out in Knoxville with friends.  We had dinner first at Puelos Grille, that was good, but then we cruised around a bit and over to the Craig Morgan concert at Cotton-eyed Joe.  I drank whatever I wanted that night because I knew I wouldn’t be driving.

That is the best part of discovering a new source of excellent service.  They went out of their way to accommodate us, all 15 of us, so it was a really great night.

Next time you are in Knoxville, check out Limos in Knoxville for your transportation needs!

Proceed with Caution

Teens should come with this warning label!!  As a Mom, I view myself as involved, concerned, in charge of shaping and molding my kids into whom they are meant to be.  There is only one problem.  My version of who they should be does not exactly match what they think they should be and become.  Oh the foundation is there intact; Godly, kind, trustworthy, loyal, good shoppers, the important things, but the direction they choose in the critical decade from 16-26 years of age is entirely their own.

Despite my best efforts to change that and send them on the path I want for them, they will prevail.  As it should be.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I have adopted the hands off, spectator role.  Ready and able to swoop in at a moments notice should their flight from the nest require a supporting wing.  All the same, it’s best to begin the ascent into adulthood alone.  Lord knows, I did, and had I listened to my mother, my life would have looked very different.  Different, yes, but not my own.  That is what makes this part of parenting so very difficult.  Their life is their own, even though we have given it to them.

The ultimate gift, as I see it, is to step back, remain steadfast in your support, but allow their choices to be their choices, and their consequences their consequences.  We can only hope that at some point, they will come to us and say, “Mom, I understand you now, and love you all the same”

Minions UNITE


Saw this today, and had an LOL moment!  Hope you do as well!

The best of the minions is really represented in my daughter.  She actually can take on their personality as well as their humor.  She loves to share her wit and dry humor that is embodied in the mimions.  Her wonderful personality shines through with lots of twists and turns to empower others.  She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to make and keep friends from every walk of life.  These are people that will laugh with her, share life experiences with her, but most of all love her every bit as much as I do.  What a great kid she is……well 33 now, not exactly a kid.  As we say in the south, bless her heart!  She has had to put up with a lot from family and friends over the years, but as always, those experiences have molded and shaped her to be the beautiful persona she is today.  Rock on #1!